We've all been there. We sign up for a crowdsourced translation site, which issues us an account number. We translate whenever they’re able to get us business, and we get paid less than a fifth of what customers are being charged. We deserve better, and we know it. That’s why our first mission was to #takeonthemachine.

We then realized that beyond the crowdsourcing issue, there was an opportunity to make translation a better industry and improve the marketplace where translators of all types (freelancers or professionals) get paid what they're worth. Furthermore, customers worldwide get an exceptional service, quality jobs, and a closer experience from the translation community. That's how Lingoly.com was born. We did it for the sole purpose of empowering translators.

Meet the Founders

We are based out of Los Angeles, CA, but we’re proud to say our platform reaches around the world. Lingoly was created by translators for translators so that they could have their own online service on a global scale, without the hassle. It's our commitment to #realtranslators everywhere. Join us!

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