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Getting started with Lingoly as a translator couldn’t be simpler; there are just 5 easy steps standing between you and getting paid:

  • Create a unique profile Set yourself apart from the rest with some sparkling wit and the breadth of your experience.

  • Search for the perfect job Use our language pair system to locate projects matched to your skills.

  • Complete our vetting process Send us your banking information so we can deposit your earnings and details about your professional status so we know you’re a legitimate translator.

  • Place a bid Offer your most competitive price and turnaround time for a project suited to your skills.

  • Complete the job as promised Once a client selects your bid, simply finish the work as pledged and you’ll be paid quickly through our secure system as soon as it’s accepted.

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Finding quality translators has never been easier than with Lingoly. Walk through this quick sign up process, then you’ll be on your way to quality, expedient solutions:

  • Generate a trustworthy profile Translators will want to work with clients who seem reputable.

  • Post your translation jobs Be as detailed with aspects like budget, delivery time, and delvery type as you’d like for more specialized bids.

  • Select the most qualified translator Evaluate bidders based on cost, experience, and other profile details to select your winner.

  • Collect the rewards Once the work is completed, you’ll have a high-quality translation; all that’s left to do is disburse the agreed-upon price to the translator. - We do that for you.

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Enjoy Flexible Pricing Options

Our usage-based pricing means you never overpay or get stuck with surprise fees.

Costs to Translators

It’s absolutely free to sign up, search for jobs that align with your skill set, and begin placing bids. Lingoly deducts a 7% service fee from your project total, and that’s it.

  • You keep more than 90% of what you earn from every project, and you pay no other fees whatsoever.
Translators from 35+ countries
Payments available through Stripe.
Clients and translators vetted for authenticity

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions about Lingoly? We've provided some answers below, but feel free to reach out with any lingering curiosities!

  • How Much Does Lingoly Cost?

    For Translators, Lingoly is free to use; you’ll only pay a 7% service fee from your total project earnings that we deduct prior to releasing payment. Clients in need of translators can either pay 4.99 USD for a single project posting, or 9.99 USD per month for unlimited posts. There is a 3.9% - 5.9% credit card processing fee on top of the total project amount.

  • Do I Need to Supply Credit Card Information when I Sign Up?

    Nope! We don’t need any payment information from you until further along in the process.

  • As A Client, How Can I Pay for A Translation Job?

    Lingoly partners with Stripe as our payment gateway -Stripe is one of the best payment processors in the world-. Once you release funds to us for a job, we hold on to them until you accept the documents and are completely satisfied with the work; at that point, we send payment on to the translator. If the job is not closed manually within 7 days of work being submitted, it will be closed automatically and the translator will be sent payment.

  • As a Translator, How Can I Receive My Earnings?

    We work with Stripe to ensure that you receive your payments quickly and securely to your preferred payment method. Once funds have been released to you, it can take anywhere from 24 hours to 7 days for them to become available depending upon where you are located.

  • How Do I Know My Personal Information Is Safe on Lingoly?

    We use at-rest AES 256-bit encryption technology to protect your data, TLS for data transfer; and security tools to monitor your account to ensure that there is no unusual activity. Your personal information is never stored in any of our servers.

  • As A Translator of Multiple Languages, How Do I Find Jobs Suited to My Skills?

    Our platform allows you to add as many language pairs as you’d like to your profile, as well as search for all of the language pairs that you are capable of handling when you are seeking new projects.

  • Is Lingoly Available Worldwide?

    Translators may sign up in 35 different countries around the world with Lingoly at present, but clients can utilize our platform from anywhere in the world.

  • Can Profiles Be Canceled at Any Time?

    There are no strings attached when it comes to Lingoly. Translators can cancel any time, but may need to withdraw active bids in order to do so.