Purchase Agreement

www.lingoly.com (the “Site”) allows Customers to find, select, and hire Translators to provide translation services on a project basis.

Customer Purchase and Sale Policy

Pricing, turnaround time, word/length limits, and other terms of the translation service are set by Translators without input or oversight from Lingoly Inc.

Lingoly Inc does not process payments. Lingoly Inc allows Translators to process payments through two third party service providers – Paypal or Stripe. When making a payment through a third party service provider, be aware that you may be subject to an agreement with that third party.

Any dispute regarding price or translation services must be resolved by the Customer and Translator. Lingoly Inc assumes no responsibility for the resolution of disputes. If a dispute results in a full or partial refund, Lingoly Inc is only responsible for the return of Lingoly Inc’s 3.5% transaction fee.

Translator Purchase and Sale Policy

Transaction Fees

Lingoly Inc charges a transaction fee of 3.5% of the purchase price of each transaction.

Monthly Fees

At the end of the 7 day free trial, the Translator must choose a monthly payment plan in order to continue using the Site. Details of the monthly plans are available on the Site and may change without warning.


The Translator is responsible for collecting and paying any taxes associated with using and making sales through the Site.

Third-Party Services

Lingoly Inc relies on third-party service providers to perform many of the services related to payment processing, including card processing, currency exchange, identity verification, fraud analysis and regulatory compliance.

Lingoly Inc allows Translators to process payments through either PayPal or Stripe. These entities are regulated and authorized to provide payment services in the countries where they operate. Lingoly Inc may share information with those third-party service providers when it's necessary to process payments.

By using a third-party service, the Translator may also be subject to an agreement with the third-party.

Translators will receive funds from purchases directly into their PayPal or Stripe account.

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